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Welcome to my website. I'm Jed Diamond, best selling author of Male Menopause and The Irritable Male Syndrome.

Based on 35 years of clinical research and responses from nearly 10,000 males, The Irritable Male Syndrome explains why millions of men are becoming angry and depressed and why they so often vent their frustrations on the women they love the most. We give you all the tools you need to insure that The Irritable Male Syndrome doesn't undermine your health and destroy your relationships.

I have worked for 40 years to save marriages and eliminate destructive stress from people’s lives. I consult with companies throughout the world to help prevent chronic diseases in men. On this site you will find many resources which will help you to live long and well in all your relationships. For more information about my background and qualifications, here's my bio.

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I offer two options for help: (1) Personal counseling with me and (2) My new internet-based program.

  1. If you think you may need counseling help, feel free to contact me at (If you're new, be sure and respond to my spamarrest notice so I receive your e-mail.) I offer immediate help in my office or by phone.
  2. Are you a man who is overstressed, frustrated, and angry? Are you a woman who walks on egg shells afraid you will set him off? Is your relationship suffering? This program is for you. To get help CLICK HERE.

Jed's internet-based AliveGuide will guide you through the changes you need to make to have a richer and more fulfilling life.

  • Visualize a happier life
  • Select the "practices" to follow to get to that vision
  • Monitor your progress in doing those practices and moving toward fulfilling your vision
  • Join a community of like-minded people to compare notes and suggestions, and to encourage and support you on your path to a better life.
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Be sure to take the quiz to see if you or someone you care about is suffering from The Irritable Male Syndrome.

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"Jed Diamond is, quite simply, one of the wisest men writing today on the topic of male emotional and physical health. The Irritable Male Syndrome is not only a powerful book, it is an essential one. This book can save your relationship and may even save your life. The Irritable Male Syndrome is a must read."
-- Michael Gurian, author of What Could He Be Thinking: How a Man's Mind Really Works and The Wonder of Boys

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